Packaging Design





Why do you want to stand out in a crowd? Competition. And there are lots of eyes out there: looking, comparing, making choices. In creating packaging, we also create reactions. We know that the most effective reactions are instantaneous and happen at the confluence of the visceral, emotional and aesthetic. When the three work in harmony, consumers cannot wait to get to what’s inside.

Message and Positioning

We begin each project with our teams meeting for an initial Discovery Meeting. During this time we immerse ourselves in your business. We learn your industry through your eyes and do our own research to learn it from the buyer’s perspective. We work to fully understand your value proposition, your company culture, the message for the audience, and how it will be communicated. We gather as much information about the consumer’s behavior as she shops for your product. And then we are prepared to move forward.



Brand Evaluation

If you have an existing package design, we evaluate the information hierarchy, communication, design strategy, appropriateness and effectiveness to identify the areas of improvement. We will discuss our suggested changes and how they will meet your goals.
 If the brand is new, we will discuss the concepts and ideas we have for communicating your message on the retail shelf.



Logo Development

Our design team puts all of the above research to work to provide you with a variety of logo design options that communicate effectively. When presented on a package, this is the product’s logo.



Package Design

We create packaging with a shelf presence that stands out amongst the retail chatter and develop a family of products that quickly communicates the product’s story. Our design team works to evolve the aesthetics of the logo into a visual language of graphic elements, colors, fonts, photo style and overall presence that works to evoke emotion and compel the audience to pick up the product!



Competitor Comparison

It is important to see how a product stands up to the competition on the shelf. This visual comparison does just that. The side by side comparison helps us to critique and revise the artwork presented and provides you with visual support for your decision.



Product Shots

Once the product is produced, we will bring them in our studio to produce high resolution photography of the product on a white background suitable for a tabloid size print. These shots are perfect for your website, sales sheets, tradeshow materials, etc.

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